a summer weekend…in February

The weather is unbelievable here in Denver. It was 53 and sunny today as our guests from Michigan, Ryan and Holly Gauper arrived! We went for a photo adventure this afternoon. One city block took us about an hour. We had so much fun and the Gaupers let me try out one of their matching Canon 5Ds.

Here are the results…a couple shots of Holly.

holly g
holly g

Thanks for the wonderful time today (and California Pizza Kitchen. Yum!)

Tonight was also opening night for my paintings at Gallery Mio, downtown Denver. I met a lot of inspired people and had a lot of fun.

endowment painting

detail from Endowment


erika j


One thought on “a summer weekend…in February

  1. Erika, I love this one. Each new piece I see just amazes me. I am in AWWWW whenever I see new work. I am on an Erika high. I can’t get enough of the new stuff. I am on here like an addict waiting for my next Ika fix. Good Luck with the show. I am so so happy for you.

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