where I want to be

the platte


four wheeling


It’s freezing cold here in Denver. We fell asleep while snow blew through sub-zero temperatures last night. I can’t help but miss Nebraska…not because it’s any different there. Because trust me, it’s not. It just reminds me of so many winters in Nebraska. Even though we live right next door, sometimes it seems so far away. I’ll be here until this Friday, December 19. Then heading off to…(you guessed it) beautiful Nebraska for Christmas! Thanks for all the fun Christmas orders this year. I am so blessed to do this for a living.

My dad took these photos during our Thanksgiving holiday on the Platte River. (1) Dad pulled me across the Platte in a decoy boat to his blind. (2) Brandon and I riding the four wheeler in the Platte, right where we were married! So fun!

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3 thoughts on “where I want to be

  1. Looks like a lot of fun in Nebraska! I’ve only been to Omaha, I’m pretty sure. We’re getting much of the same weather you are…freezing winds, lots of snow. Brr! Hope your travels are safe and that you enjoy your holiday thoroughly!

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