the thankful winner

Thank you to everyone who commented on my Thanksgiving day post, sharing what you were thankful for this year. I chose my favorite response from the comments. The winner gets all three of my newest template sets; Hip to Be Square, Vintage Wish, and The Garden!

Vintage Wish, the Garden, Hip to Be Squaresample photos by Beth Jansen, Jonnye Bower, Beth Jansen respectively.


Here is what the winner, Kim Reid wrote:

On Saturday I had the opportunity to go with my entire family to the airport to welcome home my brother-in-law, who has served in Iraq for nearly a year. He left us on January 2nd and my son (his nephew) was born on January 31st. So on Saturday he finally got to meet his nephew…it was such an honor for me. It was a really tough year for my sister and her two kids (3 and 6) to have to live without him. So this Thanksgiving, I’m extra grateful for family. But I’m also very thankful for all the men who have served and are still serving. And I’m very thankful that my brother-in-law has made it home safely and that the rough year for my sister is over!

Kim’s comment really hit home with me. I am so thankful for our military men and women. Welcome home to Kim’s brother in law and all of those who had a joyous homecoming this season. 

Hip to Be Square

Purchase the Hip to Be Square Template Setpurchase Vintage Wish

(8 5 x 5 inch templates for $22)


the Garden template set by Erika Jessop

Purchase the Garden Template SetPurchase the Garden template set

(11 5 x 7 templates for $28)


Purchase Vintage Wish

Purchase the Vintage Wish Template SetPurchase Vintage Wish Template Set

(9 5 x 7 templates for $22)


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That’s all for now, everyone. Thank you for reading.


erika j


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