dream it up

“Ventresca Family” 11 x 14

This is my first watercolor in a couple of months. When these kids’ mom contacted me, I was happy she requested watercolor because I have missed it. I love creating special paintings for families like the Ventrescas because it’s so fun to tell a parent that I can paint whatever they can dream up! For this piece, that was a backdrop from her kids’ favorite game, her daughter’s cello resting on a nearby tree, and their sweet dog Sam. And of course, I can never resist putting in some lollipop trees!

Thank you to the Ventresca family for this very special commission. Love,


2 thoughts on “dream it up

  1. Hello….
    it’s a long story…how i found your website/blog. mariah m. purchased something from my website awhile back for one of her photo shoots. i fell in love with her site (the musical tune, the AMAZING photos…and the way she writes…very talented). i check it every now and then to see new photos and to get ideas.

    welp..i just checked it out today and saw her link to your site. anyway. i love your logos, your artwork…
    the watercolor is incredible! i’d love to be able to order one of my kids someday. šŸ™‚ i also hope to have mariah or someone artsy and talented like you two to photograph our family…and a bunch of babies holding our Happy Blankies… http://www.HappyBlankie.com
    keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!

    all the best,
    Emily Holdridge

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