I love yesterday. When I laid my head down last night, I felt so grateful for being outside, for rain or shine, for the spirit of competition, for puppy kisses…

Brandon competed in a local mountain bike race yesterday. We traveled to East Fork State Park in Amelia Ohio where we met up with our good friends Lydia, Jamie, Billy, Ripken, and Zander.

Zander is the Saint Bernard – Great Dane mix that used to live in our apartment building. In February, he went a new home because he was getting too big for our neighbor Lynn to handle. She was heartbroken about giving him away until we told her about Jamie.

Jame is a manager at Dewey’s Pizza in Cincinnati, where Brandon works. She has another Dane, 7-year old 140 lb Ripken who she has owned since birth. She has welcomed Zander into her home with open arms! Zander and big brother Ripken were fast friends.

Ripken has experienced many health problems this year. In April, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. Jamie and her boyfriend Billy (pictured above) met a very experienced doctor who could perform Ripken’s amputation. His left front leg was removed a few weeks ago. He is walking great and even hops up into the back of Jamie’s car.

Ripken, Jamie, Billy, and Zander still need your prayers though. Ripken will undergo his first chemotherapy treatment tomorrow. If you’d like to send them your well wishes, you can comment here or email me, erikaj.art@gmail.com. I will pass your words onto them.

Thank you for your love and care.


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  1. My heart goes out to Ripken & family. Danes are such noble dogs. I am sure he will charm his care team. Our boy Atti actually enjoyed his chemo routine, his care givers loved him so much, flirting with him during treatments and he got use to the routine and looked forward to seeing his girlfriends. Encourage his humans not to stress about the process too much … with any luck their Ripken will take it all with ease. It is their job to set a positive tone.

  2. aw, i love the puppy photos! and the scenery here, so beautiful. best of luck to the little three legged guy, and i’m so happy he’s with humans who love him so much. what a sweet dog…he will be surrounded by love and excellent treatment, and he’ll know it. 🙂

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