to film or not to film?

That is the question. Again, congratulations to Amy Boring and Rebecca Collins for winning my blog’s first contest. Amy and Rebecca challenged me to try something new. I chose their challenges because they both involve painting. Of course, one would say, “but you paint already…what’s the big challenge?”

from Amy: “a 10 minutes or less water color self portrait.”

and from Rebecca: “paint something with your feet, or mouth , or elbows … like a kid on a bike yelling out “look Mom no hands” sort of painting.”

I am combining these two creative suggestions by painting a quick watercolor sp with my paintbrush in my mouth. Originally I thought I would film myself completing my challenge. Due to the silly nature of this, I think photos will suffice. So stay tuned for those.

Amy and Rebecca have each won a $20 gift certificate to use in my etsy shop. Or they can choose to apply that $20 to a custom painting!

Also this week, could you please share your feelings, favorite quotes, insight in general about where inspiration comes from? Do you experience intense seasons of inspiration in your work and with your hobbies? I do. I would love to talk about that this week / weekend.

And now…a random photo, courtesy of my g-ma.

My little sister Aubrey and I at her graduation last year. Happy birthday, sis.

Later people,


6 thoughts on “to film or not to film?

  1. Cute snapshot, grandma!

    Inspiration often strikes me at random times. I am often inspired to write by issues about which I am passionate coming up in the news or funny circumstances in real life.

    I am inspired to paint, photograph, sing, or play piano when I see or hear something lovely, be it another painting or photograph or a finely made shirt or a bouquet of peonies or an artistically-made cake (seeing) or wind chimes or a song on the radio or my baby humming (hearing).

    Thanks for bringing this up–I hope more people comment, because I love hearing what inspires others!

  2. Ooh–I forgot the seasonal thing. Don’t mean to be a comment hog here, but the changing of the seasons (first spring blossoms, turning of the leaves, first snow flakes, etc.) tend to bring with them intense inspiration for me.

  3. Heidi,
    Thank you for commenting. I definitely feel the same about all forms of inspiration being channeled in through our senses.

    My seasons of inspiration are usually short-lived three to four day periods of sheer creative excitement. I can hardly sleep. I just want a brush in my hand all the time. That was last week. This week…the complete opposite. I still feel deeply content with my work, but I have to work harder to program myself to paint.
    Isn’t that weird?

  4. Cool cool cool! I won. Now I have to finally move forward and commission a portrait with you, have been wanting to since I first bumped into you on Flickr last year.
    I’ll e-mail you soon to connect on that, and I can not wait to see your fun pics and 10 minute watercolor.

  5. Oh, I actually win something!! superfantastic!

    I got the monotype i purchased and I have to say it is 800 times cooler in person. I LOVE it. I may need hill top love to go with it!

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