It has been one of those days that seems to lack a significant block of time to do anything with. So I’ve been doing lots of little projects here and there. Here is one of them, part of my new print series…

This is a detail image. To see the full print, visit my etsy shop. It measures 3 x 5 inches, so it’s ready to go in a store-bought frame and hang on the wall. I like to display little ones like this on the shelf.

A special thank you to Amy today for becoming my first etsy buyer!

I hope you have all had a happy day. Please don’t forget to subsribe, comment, and challenge me (see yesterday’s post)!

much love,


3 thoughts on “

  1. Is there a whole series of these??? I’m loving this and need to spend that GC!! 🙂

    Love the new blog lady – so beautiful, just like you!!

    -teresa (mrs.obie)

  2. This is gorgeous. As for skinny jeans from yesterday. Sorry…can’t do it. I’d rather do something really horrible like eat worms. Well…maybe not that, but you get the picture.

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